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Business Intelligence Assessment

Protecting Investments with Due Diligence


Contingency 3 was enlisted by a client with concerns regarding a potential natural resources acquisition in an Asian country. Although the client's board of directors had approved the deal, lingering doubts persisted about the opportunity's validity. Initially, a local business intelligence (BI) company was engaged to assess the purchase. After months of evaluation, the BI firm recommended proceeding with the transaction. However, with only 24 hours remaining until the deal's signing, Contingency 3's analysts and investigators were brought in to validate the findings.

Acting swiftly, our investigators were deployed to the target location, where it became evident that much of the promised infrastructure was nonexistent. Within hours, through meticulous open and closed source link analysis, we unveiled a connection between the BI company, the local government, and the acquisition target. Employing a combination of cyber and physical intelligence techniques, we successfully confirmed illicit business activities among the three entities.

Consequently, we provided a comprehensive report to our client, strongly recommending the termination of the deal. Acknowledging the credibility of our findings, the client accepted our recommendation, ultimately saving millions of dollars in the process.

This case exemplifies Contingency 3's commitment to safeguarding investments and delivering reliable business intelligence. By conducting thorough investigations and employing diverse intelligence techniques, we enable our clients to make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks.

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