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Enterprise Risk Management Security

Enterprise Security Transformation: Risk Assessment and Management


Contingency 3 was engaged to conduct a comprehensive enterprise-wide security risk assessment and implement a management strategy for a multinational technology client lacking security programs. Operating within a culture of openness and trust, security was viewed negatively as a means of controlling employee behavior. Our primary goal was to gain stakeholder support by emphasizing safety and enabling the organization's mission.

Through transparent engagement, we implemented discreet security measures to maintain a frictionless environment, ensuring employees and potential threats were unaware of the security protocols. Collaborating closely with key decision-makers and employees, we identified and evaluated risks, establishing and implementing standards, policies, procedures, and programs to mitigate them effectively.

Following the implementation of a "see something say something" policy, an employee promptly reported a theft attempt by a vendor, resulting in the perpetrator's apprehension.

This case study showcases Contingency 3's expertise in transforming security culture and enabling risk management. By fostering trust and collaboration, we established a secure environment aligned with the client's mission.

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