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Media Protection Operations

Protective Operations: Safeguarding Media Amid Unrest


Contingency 3 swiftly responded to the pressing needs of multiple media and news agencies in May 2020, seeking a risk management plan and immediate physical security support for their field reporters in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The request arose in the midst of significant unrest following the tragic death of George Floyd.

To address the complex situation, a Contingency 3 operations field commander was promptly deployed to the location. Their mission encompassed building a comprehensive security assessment and understanding the operational requirements of the clients. With numerous news teams and cameramen operating at various times, often exposed to unpredictable variables, the engagement demanded a nuanced approach. Over the course of three weeks, security teams operated autonomously across the region, maintaining constant communication with the field command and the Security Operations Command. This decentralized command structure enabled Contingency 3 to adapt swiftly and ensure successful mission outcomes. Resolving conflicts and minimizing tensions were paramount, and our Agents exhibited exceptional proficiency in defusing potentially volatile situations.

Following our success in Minnesota, multiple news agencies sought similar solutions for operations in Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, and Louisville.

This case highlights Contingency 3's commitment to responsive and adaptable protective operations in support of media organizations during periods of unrest. By combining strategic assessment, decentralized command structures, and skilled conflict resolution, we safeguarded the well-being of media personnel and ensured uninterrupted coverage of critical events.

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