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Intelligence-driven solutions.


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We Reduce Uncertainty. 

Who We Are

Contingency 3 is a preeminent intelligence-driven security agency with over 75 years of combined experience. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction is as unwavering as it is fundamental.

C3 is renowned for our expertise in risk management services, providing comprehensive protection for the assets that matter to our clients. Our elite team consists of seasoned veterans from special operations, geopolitical analysis and advisory, intelligence services, law enforcement, and research, each with invaluable experience gathered from global conflict zones.

Leveraging our profound understanding of intelligence processes and the use of cutting-edge technology, we offer practical, bespoke solutions designed to help our clients navigate uncertainties, manage risk, protect valuable assets, and secure a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Our experienced professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of intelligence and security operations, enabling us to deliver impactful results that address our clients' specific needs. By choosing to partner with us, you are entrusting your security and intelligence needs to a dedicated company wholly focused on your success in a complex and volatile world.



Contingency 3 reduces uncertainty for decision makers. 


Contingency 3 is a company licensed for private investigations exclusively in Washington state. In addition, we hold security service licenses in Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

For regions beyond these states, we partner with rigorously vetted associates to ensure the continued delivery of our top-quality services.


Colby Martin: Founder, Global Risk Strategist and Visionary Leader 

Colby Martin is the Founder of Contingency 3, an innovator in strategically-guided and bespoke risk advisory solutions. Colby’s journey is an extraordinary blend of adventure, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and an unwavering dedication to enhancing the resilience and stability of organizational decision-making, while delivering keen insights in an unpredictable world. From leading disaster response and recovery operations to navigating geopolitical landscapes, Colby’s hands-on approach to risk management and strategic consulting is unparalleled. His philosophy is clear: mastery comes from experience.


From bustling metropolitans to isolated terrains, Colby’s insights into global nuances come from real-world experiences, far surpassing theoretical understandings. Beyond being a strategist, Colby embodies the role of a guardian. A martial arts practitioner and instructor, his expertise extends from the nuances of physical security to the complexities of cybersecurity. His diverse skill set empowers him to devise and execute comprehensive risk management solutions tailored to the unique needs of various organizations and individuals.


With a background in geopolitical risk advisory and an appreciation for diverse cultures, Colby’s enthusiasm also encompasses important issues such as climate change, artificial intelligence, and immigration. His advice is pragmatic and deeply rooted in experiential knowledge, establishing him as a trusted and respected figure in the advisory domain.


In addition to leading Contingency 3, Colby imparts his perspectives through an insightful podcast, Beyond Boundaries: Guardian Insights and Adventures - dissecting critical issues and demystifying global risks while offering invaluable perspectives. He welcomes listeners into a realm where vigilance and curiosity harmoniously intertwine. Under Colby’s guidance, Contingency 3 flourishes as a stronghold of innovative solutions that protect interests and capitalize on opportunities. His path—characterized by insatiable curiosity, experiential learning, and an aspiration for positive impact—distinguishes him as a visionary leader in the realm of security and risk advisory.

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